ServiceMaster Superheroes At Roger's Run For L'Arche 2014

ServiceMaster employees thought the runners participating in this year's Roger's Run for L'Arche could use a little Superhero help as they challenged the unseasonable cold on Saturday March 22nd, 2014, so we did what we had to and brought the Superheroes in. 

"If those runners are crazy enough to do this in -14 degrees Celsius, the least I can do is get my cheer on", said She-Ra, Princess of Power.

"It's like these athletes have also partaken of the Super-Soldier Serum and Vita-Ray treatment", said Captain America, "They are unstoppable".

Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Poison Ivy, the Green Lantern, Superman, Batman and Captain Canada all agreed; the run was a resounding success, thanks to Roger's Insurance and Economical Insurance as well as the race organizers and volunteers. In the end, over $40,000 was raised for L'Arche Calgary, benefitting programs for people with developmental disabilities.

ServiceMaster Superheroes

Our appreciation also goes out to those Superheroes who gave so freely of their time to help out the runners this year, from left to right (above): Jim Bourlon, Matt Shepley, Beth Ordman, Shari Robertson, Logan Fitzpatrick, Megan Pittman, Doris Hawkins, Mike Wald, and Jay Laplante.

ServiceMaster Superheroes2

Missing from photos, other terrific ServiceMaster volunteers and friends/family whom we also thank: Kyle White, Jackie & Charlise Carruthers, Cecilia Lattery and Kevin Knight, and Joan Montgomery.