Here comes WINTER! Are you prepared?

Get ready Calgary!  Winter is arriving today.  The forecast calls for 15-25 cm of snow between today and Saturday.   If you are heading west of the City, the expected snowfall is closer to 40 cm.   Since most of us tend to procrastinate on getting ready for the arrival of winter (and secretly wish for warmer weather); here is some information to help prepare for those snowy commutes and winter driving conditions.

Nov 1st, 2017     TransCanada Highway near Canmore

Nov 1st, 2017     TransCanada Highway near Canmore

Do you have an emergency car kit in your vehicle?  The basic kit should include:

  • Blanket
  • Candle in a deep can and matches
  • Extra clothing and shoes
  • First aid kit with seatbelt cutter
  • Flashlight (crank or battery-powered). Replace batteries once a year.
  • Food that won't spoil (such as energy bars)
  • List of contact numbers
  • Radio (crank or battery-powered). Replace batteries once a year.
  • Small shovel, scraper and snowbrush
  • Warning light or road flares
  • Water
  • Whistle

Recommended additional items to keep in your vehicle

  • Antifreeze, windshield washer fluid
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Road maps
  • Sand, salt or cat litter (non-clumping)
  • Tow rope and jumper cables

Environment Canada offers this advice on what to do during a severe storm.

If you are using transit or car-sharing,  make sure you are prepared to wait out any unexpected delays.  Drive safe; stay warm and welcome winter to Calgary!

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