corporate social responsibility

ServiceMaster of Calgary Believes in Corporate Social Responsibility

It is the mainstay of the business and the historical foundation that "We Serve".  Marion E.Wade founded this business with that main directive, which we continue to operate by today.

Here is an overview of the ways and initiatives within our business that demonstrate our continued application of the concept that we do indeed, serve.

go green servicemaster

1. How we Serve - The Environment

ServiceMaster continues to consider the impact our business has on the environment and how we can work to minimize that impact. the following are some of the initiatives we have undertaken to do just that:

Green Cleaning Chemicals - Our customers have asked us for green cleaning products, and ServiceMaster has responded by developing them. There are nine "Green For" products, and seven are certified by Green Seal. Green Seal is an independant, non-profit firm that provides science-based environmental certifications.

Fuel Efficiency - one of our biggest contributions to our carbon footprint is the operation of our service vehicles. As a result - we have endeavored to purchase the most fuel efficient vehicle we can justify, and we have purchased GPS software for all production vehicles that assists us with choosing the most fuel efficient routes, reducing idling and tracking vehicle usage for better decision making.

Recycling - We have recycling programs in place for paper products, containers and electronics. As part of our privacy procedures, all electronics are wiped securely of their data prior to recycling.

Electricity Efficiency - Skylights optimize natural light within our facility whereever possible. Also, high efficiency lighting has been installed wherever lighting improvements are being made.

servicemaster run for larche

2. How We Serve - In the Community

ServiceMaster is active in the community in many respects:

  • Sponsoring non-profit endeavours through monetary donations
  • Staff fund-raising initiatives which raise donations for staff-chosen causes
  • Participating in Community Events such as our four years of support for the Roger's Run for L'Arche - including sponsorship, prize provision and teams of 12-20 volunteers and runners in the event
  • Donating staff time, equipment and other resources for use in community events, such as the Chinook Park/Kelvin Grove playground build.

3. How We Serve - In the Workplace

We have a written Code of Ethics within ServiceMaster that guides our actions on a daily basis and in larger decision making processes. That code is provided to all staff at the time of hire, and reminds employees of the expectations with regard to integrity and ethics, human rights and equal opportunity. It also provides some guidance and encouragement of how to resolve issues that any individual becomes aware of.

Also, over the last year, we have improved our workplace through enhanced safety programs for staff and trades. Expectations are clearly delineated and we have a full time Safety Advisor who works diligently with management to optimize all of our safety offerings. Staff can feel proud of the achievements in the basics such as first aid training, and WHMIS training, as well as the more complicated safety reporting systems that we operate. 

We also recently completed a full strategic planning process in which staff were integrally involved. The process resulted in improved understanding of the issues facing our business, and the continued improvements that were needed and where, but also an engagement of staff in the business. Everyone more fully understands their role and other roles and how we can excel for our customers together.