Following a disaster in your home, choosing a disaster restoration company you can trust could mean the difference between a small cleanup and a more costly and time-consuming restoration. We go the extra mile to provide the fastest disaster restoration and recovery services possible, even when service calls are at peak volume.

In the event of extraordinary conditions, you can feel confident knowing our disaster restoration professionals are prepared to provide fast emergency services and recovery response for your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In addition to our core services, here are some of the other services we provide:

Infectious Diseases

ServiceMaster Restore has the knowledge and expertise to help you reduce and contain the spread of infectious and emerging diseases at your place of business. Our experience and training afford us the ability to promote safe practices for infection prevention at your property.

ServiceMaster Restore is ready to provide pre-cautionary and specialty restoration services through a complete disinfection process. While we hope it will not be necessary, we are qualified and equipped with the required protocols and processes should any pathogen outbreak occur within your facility. Aligned with Health Canada recommendations, ServiceMaster has post exposure cleaning solutions for all types of illnesses.


Vandalism in the Home

Vandalism in your home can be very destructive and stressful. At ServiceMaster Restore of Calgary, we can provide emergency board-up service to ensure your property is secure and safe while you are awaiting permanent repairs. We are also a fully equipped and licensed disaster restoration general contractor. We have the experience, expertise and resources to provide reconstruction or repairs that may be required after an incident of vandalism in your home. Contact us immediately for help achieving the best results in restoring your home after an occurrence of vandalism.


Residential Trauma Site Clean up

At ServiceMaster Restore of Calgary, we have many years of experience and expertise providing sensitive, prompt and professional cleanup of both biologically and chemically contaminated residential trauma scenes. Our highly trained and qualified technicians fully understand the safety protocols of biohazard cleanup, sanitation and restoration. We clean and sanitize the site, neutralize any odours, and seal and remove all contaminated materials for disposal at a licensed waste facility. You can count on us to restore your home respectfully and effectively.


Animal Damage in the Home

If your home has been damaged by animal infestation or animal contamination, the odours, waste and debris left behind by animals such as raccoons, skunks, vermin, rodents and bats can cause structural damage to your home, health risks and attract future infestations. At ServiceMaster Restore of Calgary, our highly trained technicians use specialized equipment, chemicals and protective gear in order to prevent spreading contamination. Our specialists isolate the affected area to prevent further damage, remove unsalvageable items then clean, disinfect and thoroughly decontaminate all surrounding surfaces. They also neutralize odours, seal and remove all contaminated materials for disposal at a licensed waste facility.


Vehicle Damage in the Home

If a vehicle hits your business or otherwise damages your home, ServiceMaster Restore of Calgary is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year to respond quickly to your situation. We provide emergency structure stabilization and board-up service to ensure your home is secure and safe while you are awaiting permanent repairs. We also have the experience, expertise and resources to provide reconstruction or repairs that may be required after a vehicle impact to your home, and we will work with your insurance provider to secure and restore your property.


When fire, vandalism, weather damage, vehicle crashes or other damage puts your property at a security or liability risk, you can count on us to secure your residence or building rapidly and confidently.  As a leader in disaster response, insurance companies and adjusters, local firefighters, police and our satisfied customers continually recommend our services.


Drying the structure is an extremely important aspect in handling a water loss. This involves much more than drying carpet and pad; you will need to locate and dry all affected materials. If the structure is not dried appropriately, the damage can progress to include secondary damage and possibly amplification of mould and bacteria. 

ServiceMaster of Calgary uses Applied Structural Drying techniques to efficiently and effectively dry your structure. The techniques used will be based on the affected area, materials and environmental conditions present at the structural loss. Proper drying procedures can save the property owner and the insurance company thousands of dollars in replacement costs.



No loss is too small – or too large. ServiceMaster of Calgary has the resources to handle any situation, from regional floodwaters, broken pipes, and building fires to residuals from forest fires, hurricanes, acts of vandalism, and even acts of terrorism. We’ve restored everything from a single room to significant parts of the Stampede grounds in 2013.

Disaster restoration services may include:

  • Fire and smoke restoration
  • Water damage mitigation
  • Contents inventorying, pack-in and pack-out
  • Drying and dehumidification
  • Document drying and recovery
  • Building stabilization
  • Controlled demolition
  • Safety and compliance
  • Project management and consultation services
  • Reconstruction with large loss capabilities

Specialty & One-Time Cleaning

We Handle Those Unusual (Usual For Us) One-Time Cleans

As a property owner, you can be faced with unusual cleaning scenarios that fall outside your norm. These include:

  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Industrial bin cleaning
  • Bio-hazardous or hazardous waste clean up
  • Nicotine (cigarette smoke) removal
  • Animal damage cleaning
  • ...and more

ServiceMaster has the experience to handle these challenges and more, for both businesses and home owners.

Don't know who to call for your special cleaning situation? That is likely a sign that you need the specialty cleaning and restoration skills of ServiceMaster of Calgary.


When a natural event like a wind or hailstorm damages your business facility or home, call on ServiceMaster Restore. We handle everything from basic repairs to complete renovations, small losses to major disasters.

We have restored every type of structure, including factories, offices and retail stores, as well as thousands of homes.

ServiceMaster of Calgary has exteriors specialists who can help you restore your building to it's pre-damaged condition - whether that is roofing, siding, or other repairs. We are experienced, licensed and insured construction contractors who are the preferred providers for large insurance companies, institutions and corporations needing reconstruction.